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Aluminium profile systems.

The low cost aluminium framework system

Aluminium profiles are now very popular for industrial and other framework building. Originally they were designed as machine building systems, the aluminium profiles are available in natural anodised and sometimes black anodised metallic finishing. The individual aluminium profiles are precision manufactured and can be cut, drilled and tapped easily. The profiles and extrusions used to make these aluminium frames simply bolt together with connecting elements.

All of our T-slotted aluminium profiles are compatible with leading aluminium profile machine building systems available, yet are competitively priced and available from UK  stock. 

Valuframe light weight and versatile aluminium extrusions and profiles are a perfect solution for creating affordable machine guards. We offer standard guarding and can also build custom made machine guarding panels and assemblies for you. Automation Supplies Ltd also offer belt conveyor systems that are compatible with the Valuframe systems. The Valuframe aluminium profiles and extrusions are easy to handle and install, require little storage space and offer high stability with aesthetic design and clean lines. 

Valuframe extruded aluminium profiles and extrusions are often used for applications such as machine frames factory equipment and other industrial applications, but their use in recent years has stretched much further into all areas of business from retail displays to space exploration. 

Valuframe aluminium profiles are durable, sustainable and best of all they are reuseable and recyclable.  A full range of accessories such as connectors, levelling feet, hinges, catches, handles and other fittings. Based on the use of versatile t-slot nuts, aluminium profile systems are widely applied to machine construction, protective fence, worker table, logistic equipment, automation, robotics and conveyor systems.

With 3 profile families based on the 3 different slot sizes offered, there will always be a Valuframe profile for your application. 

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